About Us

Trico Welding Co. was established in 1972 by Charles Trice as a second job and for something to do on the side as he was employed as a Welder with Westinghouse. He would build as he got the money to do so. The “shop” started out as a 2 car garage about 900 square feet in size built mostly by family and friends. As work picked up, he would add on to it. In 1995, Charlie was able to take an early retirement from Westinghouse, so then he went full time at Trico. That year he added on for the last time. Now, Trico Welding Co. has expanded to 4000 square feet which houses the welding, machine shop, shipping and receiving and the office.

In 2005, a building came up for sale in Yukon, PA. Charlie decided to buy it since he has limited space for large jobs at the first site.

Charlie’s timeline:

1963 – 1967: USAF Metal Processing Specialist which included, Cert aircraft welder, NDE testing, penetrant inspection, mag particle inspection, heat treating chrome, nickel and cad plating and light structural fabrication.

1967 – 1995: Westinghouse

1971 – 1973: New Stanton – Nuclear grade welding Bettis, National Lab.

1973 – 1983: machining and welding full time

1983 – 1995: full time shop

1995 – Present: full time at Trico